Left Foot
Left Foot is an on stage negotiation with Joel Henryson in the center. It is a pendulum between the hard-hitting danceable and the ethereal mystery of modern electronic music. Consisting of a set of synths, samplers and his electric bass there is a new sound to discover for every time he performs.

With an eye towards the current scene in Los Angeles, Left Foot is more closely connected to the House-tradition from Chicago with a continuation from what has been seen in London the past years. Combining this with lyrical bass playing and sampled material from his close world and the result is a sound in its own regard. The freedom and tension that comes with improvisation creates yet another force field that makes Left Foot the special blend that it is.
Okonkåle Y Trompa

Recorded on RefshaleĂžen, Copenhagen
June 11, 2020
© Joel Henryson