Left Foot Extended is the project led by the bassist, composer and producer Joel Henryson. Views from his residency in Copenhagen and the memories of the house-music of Stockholm forms the base in which the music takes place.

References are drawn to the European jazz-fusion-scene but also a hint of retro-soul and improvised lounge. The music is coloured by a strife to outside the four walls of the studio where nothing gets left unnoticed, but at the same time bring the sounds and textures that a producer makes. Besides a sextet with three horns and a rhythmsection a big portion of the sonic material derives from the electronics standing next to Joel Henryson. Left Foot Extended is a breath of fresh air in utopia.

Recorded 13th January 2020 at Rhythmic Music Conservatory of Copenhagen.
Joel Henryson
Clara Vetter
Ossian Ward
Calum Builder
Marcus Wärnheim
Miguel Angel Crozzoli
Bass, Production & Composition
Alto Sax.
Alto Sax.
Tenor & Soprano Sax.